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Key Points

Over 10 years in development


Designed for the unconscious and disabled, unable to manually activate their life vest.

Patented technology for immunity to environmental water.

Immune to humidity, wave splashes and rain

No costly re-arm elements

Just screw in a new CO2 cartridge.


I'll attest that it becomes second-hand nature to set up and care for the FRV after just a few uses. And its life-saving potential is real. It brought me to the surface with my face and head out of the water. I have full confidence in my vest and all of the test activations have gone perfectly. George A. Hierro, Major, U. S. Marine Corps

Thanks for designing a device the keeps us safe while doing what we love! I started diving with a spearos last summer & none of them have freedive training. I found great comfort in wearing it. It allowed me to relax and focus on the hunt, instead of worrying about a shallow water black out. I attached a picture wearing the FRV while getting my first BFT. Matt Davidson, Ventura

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After a decade in development...

and four products, each improving on its predecessor, we have culminated development in our latest Gen-4 inflator for use in the Programmable Submersible Life Vests (PSLV.) This patented product is unique allowing users to choose an infinite array of time and depth settings, or users may use pre-set programs to cause inflation exactly to fit their mission needs.

Four generations, each smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

Our inflator/vest systems are designed to bring unconscious or disabled users to the surface in a face-up, rescue-ready position.

Rapid ascent followed by face-up position for rescue

Our latest actuator (inflator) uses just two batteries and requires no re-arming elements, except the CO2 cylinder.

Our latest 12-ounce, 5-inch inflator

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